Pay Per Click (PPC)

Big Baba happens to be the leading PPC management company which offer top quality of paid digital marketing solutions for your business. We have a team of Google certified PPC professionals who help in taking your business to a whole new leve>l. Our PPC experts set up the campaigns according to the niche of your business, catering to your needs. They offer assistance in the management of campaigns for ensuring optimum performance. We have earned a high reputation as one of the leading PPC management companies in Australia which require consulting solutions for your business. There are a wide assortment of reasons why it is recommended to opt for PPC services for your brand.

Why choose our services

Here is a list of the reasons owing to which it is recommended to opt for PPC services for the business

It enhances the traffic flow towards your website

One of the top reasons to opt for ppc services for your business is due to the fact that it enhances the flow of traffic towards your website. With ppc, your website is going to be present on the first pages of google. Thus, there is a rise in the chances of your website getting noticed. Reach out to us and our digital marketing professionals are going to make the same happen for you.


Another optimum reason why ppc has turned out to be the number one choice of digital marketing experts is due to the fact that it is cost effective. Though it does not come free of cost, you pay only when someone hits on click on your advertisement. The cost of the click plays an indispensable role in enhancing the bottom line of your business.

It enhances the brand recognition

At times, you may see an add multiple times. It is referred to as remarketing. Remarketing is considered to be an effective tool which showcases relevant ads to the visitors of the website. Though you do not make any purchase, they are best associated with the products, you are looking for.

Measurable results

Another vital benefit of ppc is that it lets you do everything with a measurable target. With ppc, you can do anything, ranging drop profits, costs, visits, clicks, views, etc.

Reaching the right targeted audience

As you run the ppc campaigns, you can select when and where your ads are are going to appear, on the basis of a plethora of factors which are inclusive of location, keywords, time, device, website, date. This flexibility lets you segment the market. With ppc services, it is possible to reach the targeted audience within the shortest possible time duration.

Let your local audience get access to your business

One of the most compelling reasons why ppc has become the prime choice of several digital marketers is due to the fact; it is highly effective for the local search. People looking for the specific products and services in your area make use of smart phones. Thus, they can view your add, hit on click and they know how to reach your store. In accordance with statistics, a wide array of people visits the store as soon as it appears in the search results.

Enriched functionality

PPC platforms such as big ads and google ads provide the prerequisite tools, for running the campaigns, collaborating with the team mates and making analysis of the results and data. It is believed to be a business advantage as with the right reporting system and tools, you can reap different benefits for your business. With the right tools as well as the perfect internet marketing strategy, you can get the prerequisite results.

PPC Services we offer

At Big Baba, we offer the below mentioned types of PPC services in Australia

  • 1.Shopping ads
  • 2.Search advertisement
  • 3.Remarketing campaigns
  • 4.Mobile advertising
  • 5.Social media advertising

As you opt for our ppc services, you can be ensured that you are not going to spend more than the returns. We are going to optimize the campaigns and this may take an ample amount of effort and time. At big baba, our digital marketing experts test different strategies, ads and scenarios for finding what really works best for the business.